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Online Classes and Resources for Hammered Dulcimer Players

Founded in 2020 by Mary Lynn Michal and Laurie McCarriar (and Simon the Sloth), HD Homeland has become the go-to resource for hammered dulcimer players who want to play with more ease and skill (and actually have some fun learning chord theory and practicing skills).

Through live Zoom and on-demand video classes, we present tunes, theory, skills, tech tips, and more—specifically for the hammered dulcimer.

Your classes have been a Godsend for a rookie with a dream. The teamwork you both present, on and off screen, is so wonderfully obvious and appreciated. Like left and right hands working together toward a melody and a harmony beyond words." —Michael N., VA

We would love to have you join us in one of our year-long classes, Mastering Theory or Sharpen Your Skills. Learn some New Tunes (below). Or check out our Skills and Resources section (Free Tuning Video, Tech Tips series, and more).

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I knew from experience that any time Mary Lynn and Laurie put their heads together good things happen so I signed up for the theory class without hesitation.

I am now going through the theory class for the second time and also taking the skills class. I’ve taken enough workshops over the years that I had already heard most of the concepts contained in both theory and skills classes. But what the HD Homeland classes do is put it all together in a progression where one concept builds on another and I could do it at my own pace. Things started to click and puzzle pieces began fitting together."

—Cindy M., TN

 Live Workshops

Mary Lynn is available to teach day-long workshops at your venue. Contact us for more details.

She also hosts small group retreats at her home studio: Sassafras Ridge in Middletown MD. More info here.

 Our Signature Classes

Our year-long 40 Session class (videos, handouts, and study aids) leads you page by page through The Complete Guide to Theory and Mapping for the Hammered Dulcimer by Ken Kolodner with Mary Lynn Michal.

This course has been absolutely amazing for me. I am finally beginning to understand the HD after about 10 years of trying.

I thank you all for coming up with the idea of going through the book. Reading the book is good, but seeing it in action and being able to ask questions is priceless."
—Francie G., FL
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52 Week class (148 separate lessons) gets all of that theory out of your head and into your hands. Play along with Mary Lynn Michal and focus on one skill per week with videos, handouts, and built-in review periods. 

It seems like there are 70 gazillion HD drills to practice because they will help you play. This course is making 70 gazillion feel like an accessible number." —Hildy H., NM
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We present classes live over Zoom from time to time. Once presented, they are available as on-demand lifetime access classes for everyone, any time!

Make sure you are signed up to HD Homeland to get first notice of new classes.

About Evening of Roses:

Honestly, this has been the best tutorial I have EVER been to, I have just learnt so much, things I can actually do because you have taught them so well and we have had the time to practice them for a week, then have another session, then practice...until we have got it."
—P. Bromwich, Wiltshire, England

Classes are released in an on-demand format so that you can learn at your own pace. 

Once purchased, all classes are available to you permanently.

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Meet the HD Homeland Team

ML, LM and HD Homeland at the Hippodrome, Baltimore MD

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Mary Lynn Michal is a highly sought after hammered dulcimer teacher and performer with a heart for teaching all levels. Mary Lynn hosts private lessons, group classes, and weekend retreats at her home, Sassafras Ridge Retreatin Middletown, MD. When not playing hammered dulcimer, she pretends to play fiddle, which keeps her humble and makes her a very sympathetic (and better) teacher. Read more about Mary Lynn on her website.

**CD—Out from the Shadows (Mary Lynn Michal & Ken Kolodner)

Laurie McCarriar
is a book designer, musician, and photographer living in Northern Virginia. She plays hammered dulcimer, designs books for clients and friends, and always has her camera at the ready. As a self-taught tech guru, she spends a lot of time unlocking tech mysteries for folks who hate spending time wrestling with apps, iPads, and online services. Her other full-time part-time job is taking Mary Lynn's ideas, spiffing them up, and making them happen.