The Possum's Tail is Bare

Group Zoom Class taught by Mary Lynn Michal

February 21 & 28, March 7 & 14, 2021 (Sundays) at 4PM Eastern

Registration is currently closed. Recordings of this class will not be sold on demand.


• Melody

• Backup

• Arrangement

• Handouts and sheet music

• A private "Kudoboard" where you can post your progress videos for feedback.

• Access to the recorded sessions so that you can watch over and over.

• Mary Lynn on speed dial (text, actually) if you get stuck during the week

• A 10% off coupon for Ken Kolodner's Possum's Tail is Bare video lesson

Arrangement: Mary Lynn Michal

Taught by: Mary Lynn Michal

Technical Support: Laurie McCarriar

23 Lessons
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23 Lessons in The Possum's Tail is Bare:

Session 1 - Main Melody

A Part - Hammering

A Part - Talk-through

B Part - Talk-through

Melody Play-through

Session 2

Compact Pattern - I to IV

Compact Pattern - I to V

Compact Pattern - IV to V

Practice 1415 1451

Practice - A part backup

Practice - A part Melody and Backup

Practice - A part Melody and Backup - faster

Session 3

A Part Arrangement - First Pass

A Part Arrangement - Second Pass

A Part Arrangement - Melodic Run

A Part Arrangement - Play-through

Session 4

B Part Arrangement Rag Rhythm

B Part Arrangement Play-through

Arrangement (A & B) Play-through 1

Arrangement (A & B) Play-through 2

(Including the rag rhythm idea)