The Possum's Tail is Bare

Possum's Tail is Bare was taught live over Zoom in February 2021 (4 - 1 hour sessions).

The new on demand version of this HD Homeland class includes access to the sheet music, full replays of the four live sessions taught by Mary Lynn, as well as supplementary videos to help you practice and learn.

You also get Ken Kolodner's Video Lesson for The Possum's Tail is Bare, —his sheet music, instructional videos, additional arranging ideas, and a play-through. Once you register for this class, we will send you links for Ken's videos. (If you have previously purchased Possum's Tail from Ken, contact Laurie for a discount code to use here).


• Melody

• Backup

• Arrangement

• Handouts and sheet music

• A private "Kudoboard" where you can post your progress videos.

• Access to all recorded sessions so that you can watch over and over.

• Ken Kolodner's Possum's Tail is Bare video lesson is included in the price

Arrangement: Mary Lynn Michal

Taught by: Mary Lynn Michal

Technical Support: Laurie McCarriar

24 Lessons

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Session 1 - Main Melody

A Part - Hammering

A Part - Talk-through

B Part - Talk-through

Melody Play-through

Session 2

Compact Pattern Backup

Compact Pattern - I to IV

Compact Pattern - I to V

Compact Pattern - IV to V

Practice 1415 1451

Practice - A part backup

Practice - A part Melody and Backup

Practice - A part Melody and Backup - faster

Session 3

A part Arrangement

A Part Arrangement - First Pass

A Part Arrangement - Second Pass

A Part Arrangement - Melodic Run

A Part Arrangement - Play-through

Session 4

B part Arrangement

B Part Arrangement Rag Rhythm

B Part Arrangement Play-through

Arrangement (A & B) Play-through 1

Arrangement (A & B) Play-through 2

(Including the rag rhythm idea)