2024 Tunes Every HD Player Should Know

Join us online for HD Homeland's new class in 2024!

NOTE: If you've missed the detailed description of the class, read all about it here.
WHEN: Ongoing on Sunday afternoons (Upcoming dates are Feb 4, 18, Mar 3, 17). 
WHERE: Live ONLINE via Zoom. (Don't worry if you have to miss a class—All classes are recorded for easy lifelong access).
WHO: You! Advanced Beginners and up

Join now—5 tunes are uploaded and ready to learn. Join us for the remaining live classes! Scroll down for the list of tunes already covered.

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54 Lessons

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Class Intro

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Ragtime Annie-Bonus Tune

Class Replay-Ragtime Annie

Notes, Handouts & Resources

Video Play-through of Ragtime Annie

BONUS: Rag Rhythm - Video

Practice Track

Cold Frosty Morning

PRE-CLASS-Cold Frosty Morning

Notes, Handouts & Resources

Class Replay-Cold Frosty Morning

Practice Track

Shuffle Exercise Part 1

Shuffle Exercise 1

North Carolina Breakdown

PRE-CLASS-North Carolina Breakdown

Notes, Handouts, and Resources

Class Replay-North Carolina Breakdown

Practice Track

Whiskey before Breakfast

Notes, Handouts & Resources

Class Replay-Whiskey before Breakfast

Skeleton Play-through-Simon

Skeleton Play-through-Faster

Simon-Main Melody with Metronome

Practice Track

Shuffle Exercise Part 2

Shuffle Exercise 2

Angeline the Baker

Handouts, Notes & Resources

Class Replay-Angeline the Baker

Skeleton Play-through-Simon

Play-through (Simon's Version)

Play-through (faster)

Practice Tracks

Kitchen Girl

Class Replay-Kitchen GIrl

Notes, Handouts & Resources

Main Melody

Practice Track


Class Replay-Southwind

Notes, Handouts & Resources

Main Melody

Calling Intervals

Calling Chords

Practice Track

Big Scioty

Big Scioty Listening Homework

Class Replay-Big Scioty

Simon Plays the Melody

Play-through with Fills

Jam with Rachel

Shuffle Exercise Part 3

Shuffle Exercise 3

Mississippi Sawyer

Mississippi Sawyer Listening Homework

Class Replay-Mississippi Sawyer

Compact Pattern Practice

4 B Parts


Play-through with the Jam