Every Hammered Dulcimer Player
Should Know

Learn 12 tunes in 6 weeks with Mary Lynn Michal

Join us online for HD Homeland's new class for the new year!

Please note: This is NOT just a class to "learn 12 tunes." In each tune, Mary Lynn will cover techniques, concepts and skills that will make you a better musician and that you can apply to other tunes you play. Read on for more info, or click the button now and join us!

WHEN: Sunday, January 7: 3–4:30 PM Eastern (90 minutes), and every 2 weeks after that (Jan. 7, 21, Feb 4, 18, Mar 3, 17) 

WHERE: Live ONLINE over Zoom. (All classes are recorded for easy lifelong access. Don't worry if you have to miss a class)

WHO: You! Advanced Beginners and up!

Join us beginning January 7!!

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6 - 90 minute classes
A Dozen Tunes—each class will cover 2 tunes.
Replays of the live classes to watch and re-watch permanently

Each Tune includes:
Live Class over Zoom (+ lifelong access to the recording - with timestamps for key moments in the video)
YouTube Links for listening and playing along
ML's play-through of the tune 
Bonus videos as needed to illustrate key concepts or clarification

But wait, there's more!...a 13th tune! When you sign up, you'll get instant access to all materials from the Ragtime Annie class presented on September 17, 2023.

Only $20 per tune! + you get the 13th tune for free.


        What if I can't make it to class on Sunday afternoons?
        No worries at all. As with all of the live classes here at HD Homeland, we upload the replays within 24 hours, and you have lifelong access to watch and re-watch the lessons.

        I already know some of the tunes you listed. Will it still be worth it to take the class?
        Many people think they know a tune, but knowing the notes does not mean you are playing in the correct style. You just don't know what you don't know. Let us help! Along with the main class, you'll have videos to play along with to help you develop your groove. We'll send out a survey in December so you'll get a chance to help us choose the most popular tunes from our list (below).

        What kind of techniques and skills will I learn?
        You'll learn not just how to play the notes, but how to play with good rhythm, swing, backbeat, and accents. You'll learn fiddle techniques like ghosting that will help take your playing to the next level.

        I never go to jams. Why should I take this class?
        First of all, it's fun to play these tunes all by yourself (or for your dogs). And, maybe if you had a dozen tunes that you could play well, you might even have fun joining a jam. 

        We will choose our 12 tunes from this list. 
        Remember that we are not just teaching tunes, but will cover techniques, concepts and skills that will make you a better musician and that you can transfer to learning and playing tunes on your own.

        We'll send out a survey to participants in December to help us include some of your most requested tunes from this list.

        Angeline the Baker
        Arkansas Traveler
        Big Scioty
        Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine
        Cold Frosty Morning
        Forked Deer
        Golden Slippers
        Hangman's Reel
        Harvest Home
        Kitchen Girl
        Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
        John Ryan's Polka
        Midnight on the Water
        Missisippi Sawyer
        Nail that Catfish to the Tree
        North Carolina Breakdown
        Over the Waterfall
        Red-Haired Boy
        Red Wing
        Rock the Cradle Joe
        Saint Anne's Reel
        Seneca Square Dance
        Shove that Pigs Foot a Little Further into the Fire
        Soldier's Joy
        Swinging on a Gate
        Whiskey Before Breakfast

        We can't wait to see you in January!

        Join us and learn some tunes!

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