Evening of Roses

The new on demand version of this class includes Ken Kolodner's Video Lesson for Evening of Roses which includes his sheet music, instructional videos, additional arranging ideas, and a play-through. Once you register for this class, we will send you links for Ken's videos. (If you have previously purchased Evening of Roses from Ken, contact Laurie for a discount code).

You will also receive access to the sheet music and full replays of the four sessions Mary Lynn taught in June 2020.

What folks said about the live class in June 2020:

"This is the best of all worlds – to explore Ken Kolodner’s spectacular arrangements with precision and depth to fully appreciate the nuances of each measure. Mary Lynn has helped me to see how truly brilliant these arrangements are. I would absolutely do this again, and I sincerely recommend this experience to others." —J. Young, MN

"Honestly, this has been the best tutorial I have EVER been too, I have just learnt so much, things I can actually do because you have taught them so well and we have had the time to practice them for a week, then have another session, then practice...until we have got it."—P. Bromwich, Wiltshire, England

 Evening of Roses, June/July 2020

 Group Zoom Classes taught by Mary Lynn Michal

I will guide you through this hauntingly beautiful tune in a 4 session Zoom class. We will work on seeing the chords from the very beginning! Each week, we will work on one part, and then you’ll have a week to practice before we go on to the next part. Over the 4 weeks, we will use the arpeggio backup, rolled chords and hand separation to reinforce the chord progression before moving on to the arrangements. 

Why take this class?

Reason #1: Your teacher is Mary Lynn - the Amazing Slow Downer!

We'll go through the tune step by step, and I'll give you exercises and practice strategies to help you learn. Plus it will be fun. (Laurie says there might be pelicans). 

Session 1: Main Melody and Arpeggio Backup

Session 2: Adding 3 Note Rolled Chords and Hand Separation

Session 3: Arrangement #1

Session 4: Arrangement #2

Each session lasted approximately an hour and a half. Classes were taught over Zoom and are archived here for replay. 

Suggestion: Watch a session, and then spend the next week practicing before going on to the next. Don't skip ahead! Begin at the beginning and take it slow! We can't wait to jam this with you next year!

Arrangements: Ken Kolodner

Taught by: Mary Lynn Michal

Technical Support: Laurie McCarriar

6 Lessons

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Session 1 Replay & Class Notes

Session 2 replay, notes, and homework

Session 3 replay, notes, and homework

Session 4 replay and notes


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