Note Naming: Mystery Solved!

These videos will help you learn your notes on the hammered dulcimer. It's not just about memorizing them; you'll learn some of the key concepts like 1/2 steps and whole steps, octaves and diagonals. Mary Lynn walks you through each bridge at a time, culminating in a random practice across all three bridges.

Demonstrated on a Dusty Strings D570 with a special addendum for D670 owners.

People are saying:

"I love how you break (the course) in little snippets. I...can play them over-n-over again until I pass the quizzes." -RK

16 Lessons

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Bass Bridge

Bass Bridge—On the Markers

Bass Bridge—Below the Markers

Bass Bridge—Above the Markers

Bass Bridge—Random Practice

Right Treble Bridge

Right Treble Bridge—On the Markers

Right Treble Bridge—Below the Markers

Right Treble Bridge—Above the Markers

Right Treble Bridge—Random Practice

Left Treble Bridge

Left Treble Bridge—On the Markers

Left Treble Bridge—Below the Markers

Left Treble Bridge—Above the Markers

Left Treble Bridge—Random Practice


Name Notes Using Scales

D670—Lowest Courses


Random Practice (All Bridges)