Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming

On Demand 2 hour class taught by Mary Lynn Michal

Level: Intermediate

This live class session was taught on Nov 15, 2020 and was attended by 40 students. Now you can take this class any time you want!

What students are saying:

"I’ve been able to see intervals on the dulcimer. However, I didn’t know you could see them on the sheet music. Mind Blown!" -Jerri M.

"2 hours very well spent! I liked how you carefully walked us through the translation from note-spacing on the page to string-spacing on the dulcimer" -Linda K.

Learn an arrangement of this popular carol written by 16th century German composer Michael Praetorius. We explore a cool plucking technique that works particularly well to highlight this beautiful chord progression.

Are you a classically-trained musician who can read music easily, but have trouble translating the notes you are reading onto the dulcimer?

Or maybe you play mainly by ear and your eyes kinda glaze over when you look at the printed music.

This class works equally well no matter what your background, and will teach you how to see intervals on the written music and apply them easily to the hammered dulcimer without reading the notes.

Included in this class:

• 2 hour replay of the live Zoom class

• a short video talk-through of the intervals used

• a video play-through of the arrangement so that you can play along

• Mary Lynn's arrangement of Lo, How a Rose e'er Blooming for plucking

Arrangement: Mary Lynn Michal

Taught by: Mary Lynn Michal

Technical Support: Laurie McCarriar

4 Lessons

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Session Replay and Notes

Talk Through Intervals

Play-Through Video

Class Photo