Harmonizing a Major Scale

The 2 part recording of a Facebook Live workshop by Mary Lynn Michal on harmonizing a major scale using right/left/right patterns and left/right/left patterns on the hammered dulcimer. In these videos, Mary Lynn demonstrates how to find, play, and name these chords quickly.

People always ask "why do I need to know how to harmonize a scale?" Let's say you have a melody with no chords and you'd like to arrange it. Once you learn how to harmonize the scale, you can play the melody and quickly roll each of your three chord choices into it to see which one sounds right or good to you.

For every note of the scale, there are three triads that harmonize that note. Of those three, there is also a most likely chord for each note in the scale. 

2 Lessons

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Harmonizing a Major Scale using RLR patterns

Harmonizing a Major Scale using LRL patterns