This class is where chord theory and chord shapes came together for me — a true “Ah HA!” moment. Mary Lynn’s approach helped me see and learn this song in an entirely new way, by the chord progression, and not the notes on the page.
—Linda R., VA

Learn Leonard Cohen's beautiful song, Hallelujah, arranged for hammered dulcimer.

HD Homeland and Mary Lynn Michal presented a lovely arrangement of this well-loved song over 4-90 minute Zoom Sessions in Summer 2023.

NOW you may take this class anytime and proceed at your own pace! All materials are yours forever!

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Hallelujah is one of those songs that almost everyone knows and loves. In this class, Mary Lynn Michal will teach you the verse and the chorus (Hallelujahs) in a lovely multi-octave arrangement. It is contemplative in nature and very fun to play! 

Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is a song that makes me totally stop doing and thinking and just listen to it until it finishes and then I push start and listen to it again. When I heard that ML would teach Hallelujah to us at a Sassafras Ridge Retreat, I was ecstatic. And it didn’t disappoint. I now play Hallelujah as part of my daily practice warm up and often as the last song of the day.  
—Linda K., NC

Listen to Mary Lynn play the beginning of the arrangement (if you are on a phone, tap on Listen in browser):

I first heard Bill Flanagan play his arrangement of Hallelujah at a Coffee House in Watkins Glen, NY. The audience loved it and we immediately asked if he would share his arrangement, which he did graciously. I recently contacted him and asked if I could adapt his arrangement for Left Hand lead and teach it. Again, he graciously agreed.

One of my biggest challenges as a teacher is to change the way students process music. Left to our own tendencies, most of us, read the dots on the page – see a C, play a C and work our way through the tune one note at time. IF we are lucky, we MIGHT pay attention to the chord notations above the music and then try to figure out how the notes we just played equal that chord. But, let’s be honest; sometimes it is very difficult to see the chord because there are extra notes or some of the notes are missing or the notes are played in some random order.

As I began to work on adapting this arrangement, I decided to teach it in a completely new way. Instead of showing students the dots on the page, I asked Laurie to help me notate how I processed the tune: which was Key of G; then learn the chord progression taking the time to understand the Logic of how these chords move and relate to each other; then which shape will give me the chord I need; and ONLY then, finally – in which order do I play the individual notes? Yes, you will eventually receive the written music with the dots on the page, but quite honestly, I’m not sure you will ever want to use them!

I am excited about sharing this process with you and I hope you will join us at HDHomeland this summer not only to learn a gorgeous version of Hallelujah, but also to learn in a new and exciting way. 

The chord progression worksheet is the WHAT, the WHY and the HOW of the chord flow through the tune. The WHAT is the chord progression itself. The WHY is the relationship of a chord to the before and the one after it. The HOW is the inversion or the hammered shape that fits the chord into the melody. If you can visualize off the chart and you know the melody, you see the whole tune.
—Linda K., NC


What's Included?
• 4 — 90 minute classes
• Annotated Sheet Music
• Chord Progression Chart for Hallelujah
• Lots of Extra Study Videos

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[Mary Lynn's] style of teaching was superb as usual, knowing where to slow down and make sure everyone was on board. I have enjoyed playing it over and over. I’m so happy I took the class!  
—Denise C., TX

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