Jingle Bells

On Demand 4 week class taught by Mary Lynn Michal

Level: Beginner/Novice (and beyond!!)

This workshop grew out of the 1 hour QuaranTUNE 2.0 class called Never Too Early for Christmas taught by Mary Lynn at the end of August 2020. However, everyone is welcome—you need not have taken the Q2 class.

Let's explore this standard tune using a variety of embellishments. We'll start with the main melody for the verse and chorus. Then gradually over the 4 lessons, we'll add 2 Note Chords and Drones, and explore rhythm ideas (including a fun calypso beat). Learning this simple tune will give you many ideas and skills you can apply to other tunes.

The live class was taught from Oct 25-Nov 15, 2020, and was attended by 30 students.

Now is your chance to take this class in your own time—step by step as it was taught so that you can really solidify each part and each step of the process.

Why take this class?

Reason #1: Your teacher is Mary Lynn - the Amazing Slow Downer!

We'll go through the tune step by step, helping you through your stuck spots, and giving you exercises and practice strategies to help you learn. Plus it will be fun! (Laurie says there might be cookies). And you'll have lots of other folks to jam this tune with as soon as we can get back together.

Reason #2: You have a week (or as long as you want) between classes to re-watch the recording, and practice so that you will be ready for the next session to take on a bit more. No more overwhelm (or at least a little less overwhelm)!

  • Session 1: Learn the basic melody—verse and chorus
  • Session 2: Add 2 Note Chords and Drones
  • Session 3: Add a little more
  • Session 4: Calypso Beat

Each session lasts approximately an hour. Classes were taught over Zoom. In each lesson, you'll receive PDFs of the parts of the tune taught, often annotated. You will have permanent access to these recorded sessions so that you can watch them over and over, as well as supplementary videos you can play along with.

Arrangement: Mary Lynn Michal (van Deventer)

Taught by: Mary Lynn Michal (van Deventer)

Technical Support: Laurie McCarriar

13 Lessons

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Week 1

Session 1 Notes and Replay

Session 1-Play Along Main Melody

Session 1-Practice G Scales

Week 2

Session 2 Notes and Replay

Session 2-Talk-through Verse and Chorus

Session 2-Play Along

Week 3

Session 3 Notes and Replay

Session 3-Play Along

Week 4

Session 4 Notes and Replay

Session 4-Play Along (Slower)

Session 4-Play Along (Faster)


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