Theory Class-2021

This is the archived class for all students in the Inaugural class during 2021

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Sloth Speed!

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Organization of the Hammered Dulcimer

1: Learning the Notes; Intervals

pp. 2-5

1: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge

2: Circle of Fifths Organization of the HD

pp. 6–9

3: Scales & Duplicate Notes; Additional Scale Exercises

pp. 10-13

3: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge!

4: Thirds Scales; The "Chromatic" Trick

pp. 14-16

4: Sloth Speed

An extra talk-through of thirds scales (sloth speed)

4: Thirds Scales-Left Hand

Practice Thirds Scales starting with your left hand

4: Thirds Scales-Right Hand

Practice Thirds Scales starting with your right hand


5: Harmonic Intervals & The Rule of Nine

pp. 17-21

5: Sloth Speed

Harmonic Intervals Study Guide

5: Flashcards: Harmonic Intervals

Test Your Knowledge!

5: Flashcards: The Rule of Nine

Test Your Knowledge!

Triad Theory and Arpeggio Patterns

6: Triads

pp. 21-25

6: Flashcards: Triads-Key of D

Test your knowledge!

6: Homework: Triads Key of G

Apply what you have learned

7: Root Position Arpeggios

pp. 26-29

7: Flashcards-Root Position Arpeggios

Test Your Knowledge!

8: Combining Root Arpeggio Patterns

p. 30

8: Sloth Speed

Combining Arpeggio Patterns in A minor

9: Inversion Patterns

pp. 31-35

9: Flashcards - Inversion Patterns

Test Your Knowledge

9: Pachelbel Exercise - Shed

Plucking the shapes

9: Pachelbel Exercise - Parallelogram

Plucking the shapes

9: Pachelbel Exercise - Nevada

Plucking the shapes

10: Derivation of 3 Note Chord Patterns

pp. 36-37

10: Sloth Speed 1

Start from D on the right treble bridge

10: Sloth Speed 2

Start from G on the bass bridge

11: Duplicate Three Note Chord Patterns

pp. 38-39

11: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge

12: Harmonizing a Major Scale (RLR)

pp. 40-44

12: Sloth Speed RLR Patterns

Simon takes over!

13: Harmonizing a Major Scale (LRL)

pp. 45-48

13: Sloth Speed LRL Patterns

Simon takes over again!

13: Gentle Maiden Homework

Homework for Harmonizing a G scale

13: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge!

14: Harmonizing a Major Scale with the Most Likely (Major) Chords

p. 49

14: Sloth Speed Summary

S L O W it down a little...

7th Chord Theory and Patterns

15: 7th Chords Overview & 7th Chords in the Key of D

pp. 50-51

15: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge!

16: Major 7th Chords

pp. 52-53

16: Practice

Practice Major 7th patterns

16: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge!

17: Minor 7th Chords

pp. 54-55

17: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge

16-17: Review Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge!

18: Dominant 7th Chords

pp. 56-58

18: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge - Dominant 7th Chords

19: Dominant 7th Chords in Minor Keys

p. 59

19: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge

20: Diminished 7th Chords

pp. 60-63

20: Flashcards

Test Your Knowledge!

21: Full Range 7th Chords

pp. 64-66 Full Range 7th Chords

22: Inverting 7th Chords; Confusions and Comparisons

pp. 67-69

22: Review Flashcards

Review of all 7th chords

Secondary Dominants

23: Secondary Dominants (Part 1)

pp. 70-75

24: Secondary Dominants (Part 2)

pp. 70-75

24: Sloth Speed

Simon presents an extra chat about V of the V of the V

25: Secondary Dominants (Part 3)

pp. 70-75

26: Secondary Dominants (Part 4)

pp. 70-75

Flashcards for Secondary Dominants

Test Your Knowledge!

Additional Concepts Used to Create a Chord Progression

27: Relative Minors; Parallel Majors and Minors

pp. 76-77

28: Suspensions; Slash Chords

pp. 78-79

29: Augmented Triads

pp. 80-81

Flashcards-Review of All Triads

Test Your Knowledge!

The Chord Palette

30: Chord Palette: Developing a Chord Progression (Part 1)

pp. 82-83

31: Chord Palette: Developing a Chord Progression (Part 2)

pp. 84

32: Chord Palette: Developing a Chord Progression (Part 3)

p. 85


33: Introduction to Modes

pp. 86-87

34: Ionian and Dorian Modes

p. 88

35: Mixolydian Mode

p. 89

36: Aeolian Mode

p. 90

37: Summary of Modes

pp. 90-91

37: Mode Summary by a Sloth

Simon explains the 4 modes using the Key of A

37: Flashcards - Modes

Test Your Knowledge of all the Modes

37: Take the Pop Quiz: Modes

37: Just for Fun-More Modes!

Guest Appearance by Mode Specialist Mark Grobner


38: Compact Pattern

pp. 93-95

Compact Pattern Practice

Play along - Keys of D, G, and A

39: The Universal Backup

40: Q & A