Beat Time 101 & 102

Beat Time helps you to slow down videos and audios so that you can practice along. This is a recording of a 2 part online tech session, edited and indexed to make it easy to find just what you need.

Beat Time 101 topics include: Android alternative for Beat Time, Adding a file to Beat Time (general), Dropbox to Beat TIme, Share Menu on iPad, Basic operation - slow down a tune, Saving a tune in Beat Time, Create a loop of the entire tune, Defining a loop- quick version, Creating markers, Placing a marker in a precise spot, Moving a marker, Cancelling a loop, Saving custom files at different speeds or saving loops, Sharing from Beat Time to Newzik, Beat Time Main Menu, Youtube Importer, Vimeo (no easy way to import), Video Compression + lots of good tips in Q&A which are also timestamped.

Beat Time 102 topics include YouTube Playlists, Markers and loops, YouTube Playlist import, Downloading, save as Audio instead of video to save space, Delete a track, workflow Newzik/Beat Time,, Saving space for Videos in Camera Roll, Compressor app, Share Compressed video straight to Beat Time or Newzik, Audio Library access and alternatives, Exploring the Files App, Music on CDs into Beat Time, Control-click + general angst about clicking on stuff, Vimeo videos and screen recordings + lots of good tips in Q&A which are also timestamped.

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2 Lessons in Beat Time 101 & 102:

Beat Time 101

Beat Time 102