Newzik 101 & 102

This is a recording of a 2 part online tech session presented for attendees of Spring (Zoom) Sandbridge 2020. Both videos are indexed with timestamps so you can find what you need quickly.

These 2 videos give a good overview of Newzik as well as some more detailed looks at various Newzik uses. 

**Recorded using an older version of Newzik, so it is somewhat outdated. Certain things are in different places on the screen. You will still learn a lot!

Newzik 101—Topics include Cloud vs offline, Stylus, Basic Tour of Newzik, Renaming pieces, Favorites, Composer field idea, Import, Setlists, Projects, Syncing, Import from Newzik link in an email, Internet speed, Open a piece of Music, Working with the PDFs (top of screen), Working with videos, Working with audios, Metronome, Importing videos from Camera Roll (covered more in Newzik 102), Using a blank score to add a video if you don't have a PDF, Quick Annotation tour (more in Newzik 102) + lots of good tips in Q&A which are also timestamped.

Newzik 102—Topics include Edit PDFand Video lists, Recording yourself in Newzik, Moving a recording to a specific spot in the audio/video list, Add vocal prompts to a recording, Metronome vs slow down audio tracks, Record yourself along with the metronome, Annotations and layers, Highlighting,Custom brush/pen, Using multiple layers for various notations, White out, Typing notes, Moving annotations around, Symbols, Turning layers on and off, Using Air Drop to move a video from iPhone to iPad, Using split screen on iPad, Quick video compression info, Scanning sheet music in Newzik, Scanning books, and manual setting + lots of good tips in Q&A which are also timestamped.

2 Lessons

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2 Lessons in Newzik 101 & 102:

Newzik 101

Newzik 102